Libraries draw readers, communities together

Story from The State in SC on how great Public Libraries are. A lengthy glowing article on how the new libraries have changed life in this community.

\"This is something I think the Irmo community has been waiting for, for years, and I think it was long overdue,\" said Irmo branch director Charlie Band. \"It\'s more than just the library. This is the kind of community where the library and the schools are just everything.\" Chapin\'s room holds about 35 adults in chairs or many more children.

\"Having a library to come to, I think it has a lot of benefits,\" Irmo resident Toni Jordan said.

Jordan, who once used the old library branch behind the fire station, said that when the new branch opened, she was at first skeptical of the need for such a large library.

But now, she finds materials she uses to home school her 11-year-old son, Mark.

\"It\'s a world of difference,\" she said. \"The other place, they sufficed as much as they could, but it was like going to a closet. ... It\'s the difference between a closet and a full house.\"

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