Buffalo Library's online service gains positive reviews

Gary D. Price spotted This One on The Buffalo & Erie County Public Library's new electronic business book club that delivers daily e-mails, introducing readers to the first few chapters of the latest business books in five-minute excerpts. If readers like what they see, they can choose to reserve a copy of the book at the library or buy the book through a vendor Web site or a local bookstore.


I've been a subscriber to http://chapteraday.com (which is moving to http://www.dearreader.com) for a couple of years. This service has also been offered through my local public library (http://www.cml.lib.oh.us/greatreads/chapteraday.c fm) for quite a while.

It's a neat service. Many people no doubt will like the Audio club they offer. You get a chapter in audio format a day.

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