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Someone wrote in with this, and it just struck me as really funny.

I was up around midnight two days ago when they finally broke the story
about the new Harry Potter book title (I think the first instance I saw was
on Yahoo news). I immediately attempted to obtain the
goblet_of_fire@?????.com address, but someone beat me to it. However, as
you can see in my sig, I *was* able to scoop goblet_of_fire@????.com. My
daughter (8-years-old) was astounded and delighted. Me, too!

Still, if Rowling e-mailed me and asked to have it, I\'d give it to her, and

And what of the now valuable URL\'s?I took out the real addresses, but is anyone else rushing around scooping up all the goblet_of_fire@ every free email place? If you are really dedicated, Chek.com has a loooooong List of domains you can sign up with. gobletoffire.com, .net, and .org, along with goblet-of-fire.com, net and org have all be registered since April 17th. Coincidence??

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