Public library offers e-books has an encouraging Story on the public libraries plans to begin offering \"Rocket\" eBook readers starting this weekend. They will be offering 60 titles to begin with.

\"We really hope that people who love reading great books and popular fiction will pick it up just as they would pick up a paperback or hardbound copy,\" said Rita Rouse, public relations director for the Public Library of Mecklenburg County.\"We really don\'t think it will limit people,\" Rouse said. \"People have inquired about it just as they have inquired about books-on-tape and CDs. People really enjoy the new technology. So, it\'s part of the electronic niche we\'re trying to fill.\"

The library staff chose the initial 60 books the e-book readers will hold. Many are classics such as Sir Arthur Conan Doyle\'s \"Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes.\"

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