Funny Library Story


David sent in this funny and eye opening
True story. Today I happened to be in a library. You know--the big room with lots of books and no people, as Uncle Al would say.
I was reading a magazine and came across an unfamiliar word. \"Grubstake.\"

\"I decided to look it up. Without thinking I automatically wrote it down on a piece of scrap paper, intending to go home later and look it up on the Internet.\"

Did I mention I was in a library?

It suddenly dawned on me. I thought, \"Wait a minute, you idiot! You\'re in a LIBRARY for God\'s sake! Do you realize what that means?\"

\"That means they have terminals with FREE INTERNET ACCESS! I can use a terminal right here!\"

\"Only then, of course, did it occur to me to use an actual paper dictionary.\"

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