Leather-bound librarian provided 'sadistic, yet caring' services online


Someone spotted This Article from The Seatlle PI on Valerie Shahan, hired in June to run the library in Concrete, WA.
Earlier this week her private life as Lady Jane Grey was made public in the Skagit Valley Herald.

Lady Jane Grey, Shahan's alias, is the star of a kinky Web site that describes her as "sadistic, yet caring" and promises "she will transform you into a weak-willed toy for her pleasure."

The site, which the article says Shahan pulled earlier this week, shows her in bondage leather and mesh, with long black gloves and a whip in hand. "Limits?" reads the copy. "Only the ones she imposes." It makes clear, however, that while fetishes and fantasies are encouraged, direct sexual contact is not.
Google Never Forgets.


I'm appalled and disgusted to find this posting. Since when is the exposure of a woman's (or anyone's) personal life in the paper and online appropriate for the Librarian & Information Science News? I am infuriated (if not surprised) that our local rag, the PI, thinks it's news, but here? really? VERY bad form.

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