Web Filter Blocks More Gun Sites

Submitted by Blake on Tue, 02/01/2000 - 09:36

A Story on
Surf Watch, the filtering software, and the companies
decision to block out Gun Sites.
Concerned by violence in the nation\'s schools, a California
company has beefed up its online filtering software to block
thousands of new Web pages hawking guns and ammunition.

SurfWatch Software officials said the new version
shipped in November filters Web sites that \"primarily sell
guns, weapons, ammunition or poisonous substances and sites
that allow online purchasing or ordering information,
including lists of prices and dealer locations.\"

The renewed effort follows a series of school shootings
in recent years, especially April\'s deadly rampage at
Columbine High School in Colorado.

For years, companies that make Internet filtering
software have blocked guns and ammunition sites...Since most of the filtering software is purchased by
parents who want to control what sites their children see,
there has been less debate about First Amendment rights than
there was over libraries and school districts filtering

\"SurfWatch\'s decision to block these sites was made in
response to requests from parents and educators who are
concerned about violence in schools and the affect that the
Web might play in enabling kids to obtain weapons,\" said
Alexandra Salomon, director of content management for
SurfWatch Software, a division of JSB Software Techno