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AbeLibrary closing down -- boohoo for libraries!


An Anonymous Patron writes "Departing Ross Viner, account manager of book finder AbeLibrary (,) sent out e-mails (text at to customers today announcing that effective August 26th, the AbeLibrary site is closing down. Customers who hold accounts at affiliated AbeBooks ( will be automatically transferred over. But will we use it?

AbeBooks is cheaper per-item, but I can't believe that librarians prefer to avoid service charges, only to give up the convenience of being invoiced and making one payment only!

At AbeBooks, you have to use a credit card, or perhaps PayPal or check, depending on what the individual booksellers accept. Which means multiple payments per order. What a drag.

What gives here? Not enough library sales, or perhaps a competitor is taking the business? If so, please write in with the name/URL!"