McCain Renews Porn-Filter Push


Even after COPPA was just found to be unconstitutional, John McCain feels compeled to puch filtering again. This time he introduced a sex-filtering amendment to a spending bill. It seems to be very obvious the Supreme Court is not allowing this kind of thing.

McCain said the measure was necessary to protect American children from the \"technological sophistication of online predators\" and websites featuring sex, racism, anti-semitism, drug-making information, and bomb recipes.

It\'s always for the children. Maybe we should out law everything that is no good for children. He did say conservative icon Laura Schlessinger agreed with his proposal. Which leads me to believe it\'s a terrible idea. Good Story at WiredOther senators said McCain\'s proposal went too far.

Rick Santorum, a Pennsylvania Republican, proposed an alternative scheme: Allowing schools and libraries to decide for themselves how to protect against \"access by minors to inappropriate matter on the Internet.\"

Santorum\'s amendment, also called the Neighborhood Children\'s Internet Protection Act, does not require administrators to install often-buggy blocking software and would let them employ codes of conduct instead

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