Water from leak soaks 8,000 works at Johns Hopkins


Charles Davis writes "A clogged pipe at the Johns Hopkins University's Peabody Library sent water seeping
through five floors of historic books, damaging as many as 8,000 volumes from the 17th to
19th centuries, officials said yesterday.
Workers from a New York restoration company rushed to the renowned library on Mount
Vernon Place yesterday to move the books into two 53-foot freezer trucks to be transported to
the company's facility near Rochester. There, they will be subjected to high-technology
freezing processes intended to dry them and undo as much of the water damage as possible.
Company and library officials said that some books, including those with elaborate illustrated
bindings or with hand-written text, could be difficult to restore. But the general manager of the
company, Document Reprocessors, predicted that most of the books would be returned in a
month in good condition.
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This is terrible. And I feel bad for thinking the fish tank in Youth Services overflowing was a big deal.

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