If You Liked the Web Page, You'll Love the Ad

Publishers, including The Washington Post's Web site, which is owned by The Washington Post Company, and the car-buyers advice site Edmunds.com, have turned to Google or Overture to sell ads pegged to the content that each visitor selects. When a visitor goes to the Book World page on WashingtonPost.com, for example, the person is likely to see a text ad for a self-publishing company or some other book-related advertisement, placed there by Google's advertising service.

The technology is not yet foolproof. The online edition of The New York Post, which is owned by the News Corporation, ran an article last month about a murder in which the victim's body parts were packed in a suitcase, and Google served up an ad for a luggage dealer.

I wonder what the ads for a story about LISNews would look like?

Here's the full article [NYT, reg'req]

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A preview

There is a way to do this, that is, to see what ads would pop up for a given URL, but I forget where I saw it, I suppose a search on google would answer this question though, eh?

Try Before You Sell

Want to see what ads AdSense thinks are relevant to your page? Just enter its URL in that box. LISNews returns This, 4 out of 5 look like good results, maybe I should start running these so I can stop going broke?

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