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Mercedes Lackey\'s Brightly Burning \"is tragic, depressing and yet
hauntingly beautiful as Lackey produces one of her strongest titles in
recent years\";

More....C. J. Cherryh\'s Fortress of Dragons is \"[not] recommended for anyone
who has not read the first three books,\" yet is \"quite addictive\";

Randy Alcorn\'s Lord Foulgrin\'s Letters is where \"the basic message
behind this book is beaten into the dust\";

Sylvia Bambola\'s Refiner\'s Fire based \"on first-hand accounts of
atrocities committed under Nicolae Ceausescu\" that \"powerfully portrays the
unbearable cruelty of humans and the helplessness of the Christians\";

Thomas Harlan\'s The Shadow of Ararat is set in the Roman Empire
which Harlan writes of \"captivatingly to draw the reader in and introduce a
wonderful cast of characters\";

Diana Wynne Jones\'s Deep Secret \"takes a slightly more serious tone
than Jones\'s Rough Guide to Fantasyland, or Dark Lord of

Stephen Bly\'s Fool\'s Gold (Goldfield Skinners Bk. 1) \"provides a
rip-roaring Western in the tradition of Louis L\'Amour\";

Linda Medley\'s Castle Waiting: The Lucky Road is a graphic novel
\"is full of subtle wit and humor and is a refreshing change from
the usual superhero comics suffusing the market today\";

Lyn Cote\'s Echoes of Mercy (Blessed Assurance Bk. 3) is a
\"sensational romantic thriller\" set during the Roaring Twenties; and

T.K. Sheils\'s Knight\'s Tiger, an e-book, containing \"[r]omance,
fantasy, horror, adventure, crime, [and] dark family secrets.\"

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