Friday Updates

Here are the Friday updates for this week. Topics include updating libraries, magic highlighters, database copying, Books for the visually impaired, computers (not books) focus of library update, Blondie honored by LOC. Enjoy!From the
Bergen Record

Bringing Libraries up to date
\"At a time when everyone is stressing the need for a highly skilled
, technologically trained workforce, one would think the state
Legislature would jump at the opportunity to expand on-line access
to information for libraries and their members. Well, think again\"

From the
Ottowa Citizen

Pen-sized Scanner Takes Handy Notes
\"While it may well be a godsend for students who are constantly
taking notes in a library, and it will undoubtedly make student life
easier, it could also stop books from mysteriously disappearing from
libraries, and put an end to torn pages and ugly highlighting.\"

From the
Chicago Tribune

Battle Lines Form Over Copying Of Databases
\"...odd alliances of lobbyists have formed over the question of
whether databases--collections of facts such as telephone directories,
weather reports, stock tables and real estate listings--can be copied,
repackaged and distributed by anyone with an Internet connection.\"

From the
Hands-on reading...Sno-Isle program helps get books to vision-impaired kids
\"This summer, a partnership between the Sno-Isle Regional Library
System and the Washington Talking Book and Braille Library in Seattle
will allow Bobby and other blind or vision-impaired children to take
part in Sno-Isle\'s summer reading program.\"

From JS Online
Books to take back seat in revised plan for MU library
In first draft of new plans, officials steer toward cyber-center in new facility

\"Marquette University officials are in the midst of reworking plans
for a new library after discovering what could have been a huge flaw
in trying to create an information center for a major college:
too many books; too few computers.

Long-lived \'Blondie\' comic strip honored at Library of Congress
\"Not far from the display case of the revered 500-year-old Gutenberg
Bible, the Library of Congress is opening a show Thursday devoted to
one of the oldest surviving American comic strips -- Chic Young\'s

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