More Workers Stealing From Libraries


Michigan Live has this article on another staff theft at a library. This time, it was via an unauthorized bonus. Yeah, when I want to steal money, libraries definitly come to mind first.\"When Don Dely gave himself an unauthorized bonus of $4,876 last August, it took Ann Arbor District Library administrators three months to discover the misuse of public funds.\"

\"But even then, they didn\'t report it to police and Dely wasn\'t fired from his job as finance director.\"

\"It was November before his supervisor, library Director Mary Anne Hodel, discovered that Dely had his assistant write the bonus check. Earlier in the year, Hodel told Dely he would not receive an annual raise because of accounting problems.\"

\"When Hodel learned about the unauthorized bonus check, she told board President Richard Dougherty, and Dougherty threatened to go to police unless Dely repaid the money immediately. Dely wrote a personal check and the matter was dropped.\"

\"But that wasn\'t the first time - or the last - that Dely misused library funds, according to a report released by police Wednesday under a Freedom of Information Act request filed by The Ann Arbor News.\"

\"The report contains extensive new details of the three years of alleged embezzlement that led to Dely\'s arrest and arraignment last week.\"

\"Ann Arbor police and library officials say that Dely took about $123,000 from the library from 1996 until he left in December for another job, just ahead of auditors who were closing in on him. The report documents how he wrote checks on library bank accounts, charged personal items on a library debit card, and wrote library checks worth more than $60,000 to a bogus consulting company that he created.\"

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