Bookstores plan marketing extravaganza for fourth Harry Potter book

Topic: has the exciting news about Harry Potter coming soon with the fourth book. Here is an Article telling you how some of the bookstores are going to market the book.

\"Many merchants are staying open until the early morning hours of July 8, when the as-yet untitled book is released. Others are organizing Harry Potter-themed parties with magic shows and live owls. Internet retail giant, meanwhile, is countering by promising FedEx quick delivery for up to 250,000 online shoppers.\" 

\"Some merchants -- from small independent stores to giant chains like Barnes & Noble -- are keeping their doors open past 12:01 a.m. on July 8 when it officially goes on sale.
Others are opening at dawn with their stores transformed into their interpretation of Harry Potter\'s world.Many cyberstores are also offering deep discounts, with Amazon slashing 40 percent off the $25.95 price and Barnes & cutting 30 percent. That\'s something that most smaller stores can\'t afford to do.

Amazon is also working with FedEx Corp. to get books quickly to customers. The first 250,000 who buy the book on its Web site -- more than 168,000 have already pre-ordered -- will get their standard shipping upgraded for free to overnight delivery, meaning the book will arrive on the release date of July 8.\" 

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