world\'s tiniest book


Mass Live has a cool littel Story on the world\'d tiniest book. Finally a book that a librarian can use to keep track of the tiny salary he/she makes!

It measures 1/2-inch by 5/16-inch, and is most likely the smallest hand-bound book in the world. Don\'t keep it in Ready Reference.\"She bases her belief on a July 1991 New York Times news item about a tiny book entitled \"Bloemhofje,\" a 42-page poem written in 1673. According to the Times, the book, which measures 1/2-inch by ?-inch, has been considered the smallest book in the world for the last 200 years.

O\'Donnell said the Dutch book sold for about $11,000 in The Hague in Holland.

However, Julian I. Edison, publisher of \"Miniature Book News\" in St. Louis, Mo., otherwise known as the \"Show Me State,\" believes otherwise. \"