Another Heart Warming Story

SF Gate had this article about a fire that damaged parts of a school, and the residents of the community that built it back up.
\"Three years ago, a fire ripped through the school, severely damaging a wing of classrooms and its library, destroying every book on every shelf. But thanks to much- needed donations from Peninsula schools and residents -- including one who took the school\'s principal Lorna Manning on a $2,200 book shopping spree -- the shelves in the soon-to-be re-opened library are beginning to fill up.\"\"In fact, about 60 boxes and bags of books have yet to be sorted.

``I like books because they help me learn to read,\'\' said Elena, a second-grader who participated in the school\'s Reading Recovery program for students reading below grade level. ``I always sound the words.\'\'

\"So far, the community has donated well over $25,000 worth of new and used fairy tales, poetry and picture books, Manning said. The Ravenswood City School District also kicked in $27,000 for new books.\"

``We\'ve been really blessed,\'\' said Manning, who is still seeking donations, particularly reference books.\"

``Many of our children have no books in their homes, so we\'re sending books home with children,\'\' she said. ``We want to overrun the community and the children with literature so that reading is everywhere.\'\'

\"Hidden behind the much larger Cesar Chavez Elementary, Green Oaks Academy rarely gets a passing glance, Manning said. The school, which serves a majority of Latino students, has gone through three principals in four years, and two years ago had some of the worst test scores of any school in the state. Its name isn\'t even in the local phone directory, Manning said.\"

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