Friday Updates

This Friday brings us Horror from The King, Warm Fuzzies from Oregon, and Naming Rights in Chicago.
Next week I am hoping to run a story on expanding, or building new libraries. I run across more than a few stories a week on library \"buildings\" and expansions. If you\'re expanding (so to speak), let me know.I liked this quote from The Register Gaurd\'s Story on the good feelings raised b a new library.

\"Most people have a good feeling about what a library is. You hear the testimonials from people buying a shelf - `Oh, my grandmother was a librarian ... .\' \"

A little fight over the proper name of library in chicago.

\"Chicago Public Library Commissioner Mary Dempsey announced Wednesday that the library\'s monthly calendar/newsletter would again refer to the \"Harold Washington Library Center\" and not \"Washington Library Center\" as it was in the June publication.\"From The Sun Times in Chicago.

This Story, From made me feel all warm and fuzzy about small libraries.

\"It\'s where longtime librarians and assistants such as Anne Morris and Rose Holencik provide something they call \"bibliotherapy,\" listening to visitors who need to talk and providing them with helpful books. It\'s where library users can create resumes and have them edited by the staff. It\'s a place where visitors are encouraged to bring home a couple of free books from the recycling shelves -- a result of the generous donating public.\"
They are worried about small libraries closing, due to technology and other \"modern\" concerns.

Stephen King\'s horrifying proposal
What a Headline! Salon has a Story on The King\'s Bright Idea to sell his E-Books BY THE CHAPTER. Seems like a return to the good old days, isn\'t this how Dickens did it?

I get sick of the ol\' porn in libraries story, but Here\'s One from Arkansas.

\"There is an awareness,\" said Lynnette Jack, manager of computer and network services for the Central Arkansas Library System. \"We are not staring over people\'s shoulders, but we are very proactive in addressing the issue when it comes up.\"Maybe here are just no easy answers?

From the San Jose Mercury News
Bibliography Not Included
Books are being slimmed down in some parts of academia, where the bibliogrpahies are being transfered
to the web.
\"``I think it\'s frightening,\'\' said Peter Lyman, a library science professor and former head of the campus library system at the University of California-Berkeley. ``Paper, by its nature, is a stable medium that will last for hundreds of years if it\'s acid-free and treated at a natural temperature and humidity. Digital material is fugitive, and most Web sites disappear in about 18 months.\"

From the Chicago Tribune
Ex-Director Faces Suit
This woman stole a lot of money, now the library is trying to get it back.
\"In addition to facing criminal charges of embezzling funds from the Homer Township Public Library, the library\'s former director faces a civil suit seeking reimbursement of $336,686 she is accused of stealing from the library over seven years.\"

From the Sun Sentinel
African-American Library is back on track
After a few problems with money, a library gets back on track
\"The county resolved problems with the design of the library that threatened to send costs of the $10.9 million project $2.5 million over budget. Parts of the library were scaled back, but officials say the building still will cast an image befitting one of only three public libraries in the nation focused on black history and culture.\"

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