Library Cat Shaved

Topic: in Sunny FL, has a Story that just strikes me as funny. The first line of the story is \"Will the real Slim Shearer please stand up?\", and it gets better. The Library Cat, also known as Legs because of his extraordinarily long limbs, suffered a humiliating razor attack. Someone shaved the words ``Seniors 2000\'\' on the back of the cat. Two seniors were given a long lecture on pranks and respect for animals, after they were turned in. It gets funnier...``[The seniors] said, `It seemed to be funny at the time, but once we thought about it, we couldn\'t glue the hair back on the cat,\' \'\' Krutulis said. ``It\'s their responsibility to pay back the animal world.\'\'

The offenders have also been shunned by their schoolmates, who saw the incident as a violation of a pact between seniors and the administration to eliminate pranks in exchange for a field day and extra days off.

``They\'ve been ostracized by their peers, and that\'s the worst punishment,\'\' Krutulis said.

Please don\'t try this in your local library.

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