Still Searching? Ask a Human


Wired has a Story on how sites are now offering human search help. You just click on a button and a helpful \"expert\" calls you up and answers your question. MSN is the newest one to jump on the bandwagon, with,,,, and, and others.

\"People sometimes can\'t find what they\'re looking for and need somewhere to get help,\" said Danny Sullivan, publisher of Search Engine Watch, in a previous interview.\"A shocking quote! What\'s really cool is as an expert working for (The company with all the experts) you can make as much as $1,000 a week selling your expert info. How much do you make behind the reference desk?, for its part, says the company provides a valuable service to both the searcher and the experts. He predicts will become a sort of knowledge bazaar analogous to eBay, connecting seekers and seers in a network that becomes exponentially more powerful as it grows.

\"What Ebay did for people selling what\'s in their garages and attics, will do for people who want to sell what\'s in their heads,\" said Karl Jacob,\'s CEO. search experts can make as much as $1,000 a week selling their info, the company claims.

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