Library Checkout Policy Irritates Parent


SF Gate has a great Story for the image obsessed librarian. A woman says she wanted to know what books her daughter had out so she could return them on time, and the librarian got \"huffy\" with her.

\"``We\'re talking about children here,\'\' said Shurtleff. ``And the librarians were so huffy with me, like they were really looking out for my daughter. It made me feel really defensive.\'\' ``The California Public Records Act established that certain library records are confidential,\'\' said Monique le Conge, Benicia Public Library director. ``There are laws that prevent us from releasing any information unless there is a subpoena or an order of the Superior Court.\'\'

Benicia\'s library is far from unique in keeping the lid on a patron\'s reading preference, regardless of age. Most libraries in the state have a similar policy, although interpretation and enforcement vary widely.

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