Barney has Been a Bad Dinosaur


Librarians and Parents beware. As this article from the New York Post states, Barney the Dinosaur books have been found in New York which contain hidden pornography.
\"The discoveries in Putnam County and on Staten Island are similar to that of a Long Island tot who found a picture of a topless woman and steamy massage instructions in French underneath an electronic music box glued to the book.\"\"A few weeks ago, Diana Baker of Mahopac had just returned from the hospital after the birth of her new daughter when her 2-year-old, Amanda, called her over to look at her \"Barney\'s Singalong\" book.\"

\"The plastic music-maker had fallen off and Amanda was pointing to a lurid photo of a woman in a revealing negligee advancing an ice cube toward a man\'s naked derriere.\"

\"Words Baker did not want her daughter to learn - like \"wild sex\" and \"lust\" - were clearly recognizable, although the text was in German.\"

\"I was shocked when I first saw it,\" Baker said. \"I thought to myself ‘No, this can\'t be,\' but it was. It was porn. I was in disbelief. I was kind of disgusted that something like this got into my house through Barney.\"

\"Barney is Amanda\'s favorite character. He teaches her a lot of things, but this is not something Barney should teach her. Now a child might associate him with this smut. The child\'s values are going to be warped,\" she said.

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