Revolting Librarians Needed, More Now than Ever


Steve Fesenmaier writes "
Reviewer: steve fesenmaier from charleston, wv USA
I am one of thousands of librarians who read the original book that was
published in 1972 - I read it in 1978 when I first came
to work in a library. I had a difficult time getting through library
school, and Don Roberts, one of the original authors, kept me
going. After I began my first job ever in a library, I instantly had
doubts about continuing given the conformism, lack of pay,
etc. - until I found a copy of Revolting Librarians and discovered that
many other librarians and library staff had exactly the
same feelings I did. Now, 30 years latter, a second version has come
out. I think that it is vastly superior to the first for several
reasons. One, I love the cover art much better. The hammer and books is
perfect. Second, I love the pieces by Sandy
Berman and even better, the piece detailing how he was forced into early
retirement. Third, I love Bruce Jensen's piece on
providing library services to day laborers. It was amazing - I thought
that only Berman and Prof. McCook had such radical
ideas! I also love the other original authors, in particular, the
original editor's followup on what has happened since. I wish that
my own piece, "Fez the Barbarian Librarian Fights the Biblio-Nazis" had
been included, as well as Carol Reid's piece. I just
hope that all librarians and library staff get to see a copy, and read
it. Maybe a lot of librarian book selectors will even buy it
and maybe library school teachers will also use it. I think that the
current political climate in America, more than ever, demands
that true information professionals see that they must revolt against
Patriot Acts that would seem appropriate during the
McCarthy Era, but not now.

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