Who will organize the data closet

This Article from The McKinsey Quarterly takes a look at data storage. Though they focus on the corporate world, most of the good info could easily be used in a large library. How many records will your OPAC have in a year...2...3?

\"Storage represented only 25 percent of the price of a typical server system in 1997, but it now accounts for more than half; the peripheral storage component of a server system costs more than the server itself. \"Data storage has come a long way since the time when it was hidden in a dark corner of the IT world. The good news is that the prize for winning the enterprise storage game will be large. The bad news is that everyone knows this. The emergence of SANs puts storage players in the same position that computer-networking players occupied a decade ago. While substantial uncertainty remains—especially over the outcome of the battle to set SAN standards—no company can afford to wait for the dust to settle. Making the right no-regrets moves now is the path to winning the prize. \"

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