Stephen King, the E-Publisher

Wired News has this interesting article on Stephen King\'s new adventure. He is asking his readers if he should place a book on his web site. Read King\'s letter and vote on his web site.
\"King explains that he has been intrigued by the success of Riding the Bullet -- his e-book novella released early this spring which sold over 500,000 copies.\"

\"Stunned,\" would probably be a more accurate word, he wrote. Since Riding the Bullet, he has been eager to try something similar. Commenting on issues of ownership when it comes to creative work on the Net, King admits to being puzzled by, but applauds, Metallica\'s decision to \"try and put a few spikes into the big, cushy radial tire that is Napster.\"

\"Creative people should be paid for their work, King writes, just as plumbers and carpenters and accountants are paid for theirs.\"

\"On the other hand,\" King\'s letter continues, \"I think that the current technology is rapidly turning the whole idea of copyright into a risky proposition -- not quite a joke, but something close to it.\"

\"King proposes fans pay $1 per installment and suggests everyone be on the honor system. He said he\'ll cease publication if too many people steal the story.\"

\"But I just don\'t believe that will happen. I mean, we\'re talking a buck a pop here, right?\" King finishes up by asking.

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