NJ School Libraries Falling Behind

It\'s sad how often this same Story pops up
here on LISNews. This time NJ.com tells us how
crappy the Trenton School Libraries are

\"Some books on space travel in the city
school libraries pre-date the 1969 historic Apollo 11
mission by a decade, More than half of the schools lack
certified librarians, and those who run the so-called
learning centers have been hesitant to get rid of
outdated books.\"

Last time I think this
same story came from Philly.THOSE ARE the preliminary findings of the person
hired to find out what is needed to make the libraries in
all 23 schools modern and useful for the district\'s
nearly 12,000 students.

A major problem has been the failure to get rid of
outdated material, said Joyce Willis, the assistant
director of the city library system, who is overseeing the
task for the district.

\"It seems to be a new concept to the educational
establishment that no information is better than
misinformation,\" Willis said. \"They say if they took all of
the old books off the shelf, there wouldn\'t be too many
books left.\"

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