Friday Updates

Here are the Friday updates for this past week. Stories included: e-book news galore, less room for the library in a school, 10 pounds for no words, students are told where to sit, and much more... Enjoy!!E-book News
recent moves by publishing giants like Barnes & Noble and uber-software
vendor Microsoft suggest that the e-book trend is about to turn a corner. said Tuesday that it is investing $20 million in
MightyWords The investment gives a 30 percent stake in
the company.

Media Ce
CBS News and Simon & Schuster will co-publish an eBook based on the news
organization\'s four-year Class of 2000 project, the companies announced


Journalists Embrace E-Books

WiredE-Books Push Bookselling Envelope

Booksellers urged to prepare for electronic future
E-books to take publishing industry by storm
The electronic book market is poised for rapid growth and will capture ten
per cent of the global publishing market by 2005

Seattle Post-IntelligencerWho\'ll buy e-books if you can get them free?
Other News
From the LA Times
The bad side affects of smaller class sizes, less room in
the library!
Parents from Hollow Hills asked the school board recently for a
portable building to use as a school library. Books at Hollow Hills
Fundamental line the walls of a multipurpose room that is also used for
assemblies, lunch and other events.
\"If anything happens at school that conflicts, then the kids don\'t get
their library time for the week,\" parent Kathi Mangel said. \"

From the IndependentYours for £9.99, a book with no words\"author Anne Lydiat has \"written\" a book with no words or, for that matter, pictures. With nothing, in fact, but one hundred blank, white pages. It costs £9.99 and it even has an ISBN number, which means major libraries must stock it. Best of all, it\'s selling like hot cakes and there are only 70 left.\"

From the Chicago Sun Times
School athletes critical of library seating policy
\"Student athletes who are allowed to study in the library instead of attending gym class are required to sit facing south, in the direction of the circulation desk.
Facing the windows? Against the rules. And no one is allowed to sit in the chairs opposite the students.

From the Miami Herald
Library seeks private funds for future growth
\"Technology has invaded the 51-year-old Miami Shores Brockway Memorial Library. Its board of directors is turning to Miami Shores residents for help. ``We want to add a space on the south portion of the library,\'\' said Paula Xanthopoulou, vice president of the board of trustees. ``We hope to get the money from anywhere else except the village budget. We could have gone to council, but we felt since it was a modest project that we would take a leap of faith and organize it ourselves\"

From the Chicago Tribune
Oak Park Library to Rehire Custodian
\"The Oak Park library board voted Tuesday to rehire and pay a cash settlement to a custodian who was fired in 1997 for spending part of a night in one of the village\'s library branches\"

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