Party Girl, funniest librarian movie, to be re-leased


Steve Fesenmaier writes "Party Girl is slated to be re-released on DVD by Columbia TriStar Home Entertainment on July 1. Here's "Video
Librarian"'s original review from 1996:

Party Girl **1/2
(Columbia TriStar, 94 min., R)
"He’s not a dick, he’s a patron," godmother-librarian Judy corrects her NYC party-hardy goddaughter Mary (Parker Posey), who
has been hired as a library clerk. It’s one of the funnier lines in an otherwise uneven film about a club-hopping deb-wannabe who
tries to balance her chaotic personal life with the ordered world of Melvil Dewey. If you’re going to make one frivolous purchase
this year, this is a funnier and much more appealing portrait of the library world than the idiotic 1992 effort The Gun in
Betty-Lou’s Handbag. A strong optional purchase. (R. Pitman) "

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