Library becomes South Park

Topic: has this article about a town in PA that changed its name from Library to South Park. Does anyone else see the symbolism here?
\"Library, a town of 3,600 tucked in South Park Township about 12 miles south of downtown Pittsburgh, never was incorporated into a governing body. The town last week became South Park, to the liking of some and the chagrin of others.\"

\"Since its inception in 1842, the town continuously has been named Library,\" said Joy Marquis, president of the South Park Historical Society. \"Changing the name is like rewriting history.\"

\"The town that became Library was founded in 1770 as Loafer\'s Hollow. The name changed to Library in honor of a public library established there in 1835.\"

\"The move to change Library\'s name to South Park came as a new 5,800-square-foot post office nears completion adjacent to South Park Township municipal offices, officials said.\"

\"South Park Township has had three post offices serving towns with three ZIP codes - for Library, Finleyville and Pleasant Hills. Township supervisors thought a single name for all those communities could coincide with the opening of the new post office.\"

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