Library Techs In Demand, NOT Librarians

Chicago Tribune has a Story on current employment trends in libraries. They report that highly skilled library technicians will be in greater demand. Unfortunalty that is because they will be expected to take on some of the roles traditionally assumed by librarians.

Linda Slusar, coordinator of Glen Ellyn\'s College of DuPage Library Technology program, which offers classes on campus and through a distance-learning option, agrees.

\"Automation is what\'s creating the need for trained library assistants,\" Slusar said. \"Just about every library you go into these days offers the Internet and computers to research databases. That results in a greater need for skilled library staff to assist patrons.\"

The BLS reports that median earnings in sectors employing the largest number of library technicians in 1997 were $22,200 in local government; $21,400 in colleges and universities; and $18,300 in elementary and secondary schools. Earnings for library technicians in the federal government averaged $29,700 in 1999.

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