Interview with José-Marie Griffiths


Joy Schwarz writes

Have you already seen this interview with José-Marie Griffiths (CIO for the University of
Michigan and a professor in the graduate School of
Information) in the June 1, 2000 issue of _CIO Magazine_? It\'s titled \"The Role of the Librarian in the Digital Age\" and it\'s at
.CIO Magazine.

It\'s a short but interesting interview.CIO: The School of Information replaced traditional
library studies. What is the librarian\'s role in the
digital age?

GRIFFITHS: Library science has changed dramatically, but
the core role of the librarian—evaluating knowledge
resources—remains unchanged. People assume that since we
have the web, everybody can do it all themselves. But most
professionals don\'t have the time. The web is not a library.
Most people have no idea how search engines work and
don\'t know anything about the quality or integrity of the
information they are accessing.

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