Talk with a Search Engine


I just came across this search engine currently in beta. Basically, it asks you questions to help you find what you want, just like a reference interview (from a not-so-savvy librarian). I thought it was pretty stupid at first, but I got the hang of it after a few minutes. It worked ok after that, and its a little bit addictive. Let me know what you think.This is from its \"Current Brain Limitations\" link. \"Subjext is currently undergoing DEEP BETA debugging and testing. For best searching results, we suggest that you use full sentences to talk to Subjex, except when Subjex asks you a question that does not require it.

As the developers of Subjex, our goal over the first few weeks is to give you an idea or \"taste\" of its incredible potential.

For now we suggest that you use sentence structure like:

Where can I buy a new car?
What is the definition of Alkali?
Tell me about MP3 players.
I want to look up an HTML tutorial.\"

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