Friday Updates

Throughout the week I run across stories that are too short, too boring, or for whatever reason don\'t make the final cut. Once a week I\'ll try to put them together in a single weekly all in one update.
Click below to read my first attempt.Library Use Nearly Doubles
Cumberland\'s librarians are finding that \"if you build it, they will come.\" Use of the library has almost doubled in the last month, since the library\'s addition was opened. The Woonsocket \"Call\" reports attendance in April was up 84-percent from March. The new building, which doubled the size of the library, opened in early April and will be formally dedicated in ceremonies next month.
Digital City.

The Web site,, was established to combat the growth of Internet fraud by giving consumers a centralized place to report these crimes. Complaints will become part of the FBI Internet crime database.

Study: Heavy Net users mostly search
A new study says frequent Internet users, those who spend five or more hours a week online, spend an average of 728 hours, or 30.3 days, online per year. The study, sponsored by RealNames Corp. and conducted by Berrier Associates, found that 520 of those hours online are spent searching for information. -- Margaret Kane, ZDNet News.

$460 a year for library cards
MI Live must have more library oriented stories than any other news source...After voting down a library millage issue, voters had second thoughts:
\"She is paying attention now, because she learned that in a worst-case scenario she and her husband would have to shell out $460 a year for library cards for their four children.
\"That would be bad. Real bad,\" said Bigger, a part-time waitress and nursing student at Grand Rapids Community College. \"Put that way, it seems stupid not to just pay the extra $10 or whatever they\'re asking for.\"

To commemorate the 99th anniversary of Harry S. Truman\'s graduation from high school, the Truman Library will offer copies of three of Truman\'s high school theme books for research.

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