Information Overload

has a nice little Story entitled \"Digiglut\". The Author says
\"there is just too much stuff out there. \", and says that
people are overwhelmed, and it\'s getting worse. He
never suggests letting librarians rule the WWW........ But
wouldn\'t it great if we did?\"THE WEB, like all human phenomena, is chaotic.
Any attempt to induce or compel order, for example by
creating new business entities and services to
homestead the Wild, Wild Web - and then advertising
them profusely - only makes the chaos worse. The
existence of eight large online sellers of dog and cat
food makes the point.

        Now the \"click-and-mortar\" generation is getting
ready to wade in; this will only make digiglut worse.

The Net’s original purpose, to facilitate communication
among human beings, along with its quirky,
individualistic character, are being rendered irrelevant
or lost altogether.
        Millions of Web sites selling real estate,
toothbrushes, and CD-ROMs tell banal stories, without
passion or purpose. Banner ads and \"great deals\" are
all that remains. Is online communitas dead already?

Who’s going to use all this informational bric-a-brac?
As a new millennium dawns, this is The Question That
May Not be Asked, Let Alone Answered. The Net, the
Web, and their users are sinking in virtual quicksand;
and no one can hear us scream. \"

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