Library Offers Book Selections Over Internet

This is an interesting concept. A library in Texas has started its own online book club. Access Waco has the article.
\"The service provides readers with about five minutes worth of reading per day through a free e-mail account. All readings in a week are from a single book, for a total of about two or three chapters posted online by week\'s end.\"

\"Good old-fashioned books may never be replaced by computers, but Waco now has an alternative that is user-friendly to anyone who enjoys pleasure reading.\"

Last week, the Waco-McLennan County Library began offering an online book club through the Florida-based Internet company \"Chapter-a-Day.\"
\"Interested readers can then reserve a book club selection at their library online.\"

\"Pamela G. Bonnell, director of library services, said she hopes that \"teasing\" potential readers with a book\'s beginning will at least get more people to read, if not lure them into the library.

\"I hope that we will be able to attract people all over the county who enjoy reading, but are not necessarily card members,\" Bonnell said.\"

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