Seth Finkelstein To Speak Tonite @ MIT

Don Saklad sent along word of \"Net Control--
From the Digital Millennium Copyright Act DMCA
to censorware \"filtering\" to peer-to-peer programs:
How the battle to control the Internet is being shaped by government
and corporate interests\", happening tonite 7pm
Thursday, March 27, at MIT,
Bartos Auditorium, basement of E15.
Details below and Slides Here.Seth Finkelstein,
Electronic Frontier Foundation\'s (EFF) Pioneer Award winner in 2001

a. Why is the digital copyright issue of so much concern?...

b. Don\'t the artists have a right to be sure that their songs a paid-for
and not illegally shared/copied?

c. Why should we be concerned about filtering and blocking software?...
d. Isn\'t it important to support the Children\'s Internet Protection Act?...
e. What can be wrong with protecting children on the Internet?...

From using the telephone to seeking medical treatment to applying for a
job or sending e-mail over the Internet, Americans\' right to information
privacy is in peril.

Our personal and business information is being digitized through an
ever-expanding number of computer networks in formats that allow data to
be linked, transferred, shared and sold, usually without our knowledge
or consent.

The same technological advances that have brought enormous benefits to
humankind also make us more vulnerable than ever before to unwanted

Enjoying the right to privacy means having control over your own
personal information, and the ability to grant or deny access to others.

But government and business practices that cause serious privacy
violations are often insulated from the law.

f. Is \'Big Brother\' a reality?...
g. Is it a tolerable or intolerable reality?...
h. What do we need to know?...

Speaker\'s bio:

Seth Finkelstein is a professional programmer and also a civil-liberties

He spent hundreds of hours over several years to decrypt and expose to
public scrutiny the secret contents of the most popular censorware

His work has armed many with information of great assistance in the
fight against government mandated use such systems.

His technical and political efforts have raised the level of public
awareness about the dangers that Internet content blocking software and
rating/labeling schemes pose to freedom of communication.

For his ground breaking achievements, in 2001 he received a Pioneer Of
The Electronic Frontier Award from the Electronic Frontier Foundation.

He has degrees in both Mathematics and Physics from MIT.

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