Library An Amazing Deal.


You never know where you\'ll find a good story.
Steven Bell found one on
This story isn\'t exactly about libraries, but it does give a nice vote of confidence to libraries, and librarians. The author seems almost suprised that a library would have something so useful!

\"I\'ve saved the best for last: The public libraries in virtually every city and in many towns now offer internet access via desktop systems available to the public for free. Usually, you don\'t even need a library card, although the librarian may hold your driver\'s license hostage while you use the system for the allotted time.\" (It\'s usually about 30 minutes, although it can be longer if there\'s no one waiting for a system.) It\'s an amazing deal: You get a clean, quiet, private and well lighted place to work, along with often-expert assistance should anything go wrong, all for free! 

In my next column, I\'ll tell you how you can easily use your borrowed or rented PC to access your normal e-mail account. That\'s right - you can use free web-based e-mail gateway systems to send and receive mail via your regular ISP\'s mail account! Then, we\'ll go on to discuss free online file-storage services you can use to access critical data.

With a borrowed or rented PC and remote access to your e-mail and files, you can keep working on the road even if your laptop is dead, lost, stolen - or simply forgotten!

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