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Stuart Urwin writes "New Electronic Newsletter and Database Resource helps
Information Professionals build their Career skills and Contacts.
has just launched a brand new service for information professionals. The

Library Events website provides up to date details of all the important events they need to

know about, to enhance their careers and to build up their professional skills and contacts.

The service consists of a current awareness database, which is fully searchable, and a

monthly newsletter, called LIS Events. It includes:
Training courses from a range of organizations, to help you plan the next steps in your career

development program

Conferences, to keep you up to date with new developments and current thinking

Exhibitions and trade shows, where you stay informed about all the new products relevant to

your library and organization, and build up your contacts

Library association meetings, where you can keep up to date with what's going on in your

profession and meet your professional colleagues

National book and library events in many countries

You can see the website and the current awareness database at

- where you can also sign up for the newsletter.

The Library Events service uses EventKeeper(TM), a software package for creating online

calendars and event listings, which can be operated by anyone who can use a web browser.

Perfect for libraries, EventKeeper is produced by Plymouth Rocket, Inc. and is designed for

organizations who want to use their websites to inform their users about current events, but

don't have in-house experts to create and maintain a custom Web calendar.

Details can be found at:

Contact: Stuart Urwin,, Stora Vastergatan 45, SE-271 35 Ystad, Sweden
Tel. ++46 411 121 70 Fax: ++46 411 121 10 e-mail:[email protected]

More about

Library Events is the brainchild of Stuart Urwin, a pioneer of realtime online services, who was
first involved in creating online databases back in the 1960s.

More about Plymouth Rocket, Inc.

Founded in 1997, Plymouth Rocket Inc. provides consulting services in Web design and
development, and specializes in Web applications that simplify the maintenance of Web
sites through the use of dynamic data-driven Web software. The company is based in
Plymouth, Massachusetts.

EventKeeper is a trademark of PlymouthRocket Inc.


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