Summer Reading Clubs around the corner


Memorial Day is considered the official start of the summer season. Here are two articles on summer reading for kids;
One from the Post Gazette and another from the Oklahoman.From the Post Gazette: \"Studies show that children who read 30 minutes or more each day in the summertime maintain the academic skills they learned the previous school year, giving them a head start in September.\"
\"To promote summertime reading, the U.S. Education Department just kicked off its fifth annual summer reading campaign. The \"America Reads Challenge\" program will distribute 2.5 million posters featuring popular children\'s book character Arthur on the front and reading activities on the back.

The program also maintains a Web site filled with lists of recommended books and ideas at:

From the Oklahoman: \"The classics endure. Tire swings, bicycles, swimming and picnics at the park are still every bit as much a part of summer for today\'s children as they were for their parents. This summer, though, state library officials also want to see Oklahoma\'s youngsters embracing other classics -- namely time-honored titles such as \"The Wizard of Oz,\" favorites such as \"If You Give a Mouse a Cookie\" and new hits such as \"The Adventures of Captain Underpants.\"

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