Congressman Sanders Introduces Patriot Act Amendment


"At a press conference held today in Washington, D.C., Congressman Bernie Sanders (I-VT) introduced federal legislation that would remove a threat to the privacy of bookstore and library records, created by the USA Patriot Act. At present, the proposed amendment, called the Freedom to Read Protection Act of 2003, has 24 co-sponsors, including Ron Paul (R-TX)."

"Chris Finan, president of the American Booksellers Foundation for Free Expression (ABFFE), hailed the amendment. "While booksellers strongly support efforts to fight terrorism, the Patriot Act gives federal authorities virtually unchecked authority to search our customers' records and raises concern that government is monitoring what people are reading," said Finan. "The Freedom to Read Protection Act will restore faith in the confidentiality of these records without harming national security." (from Bookselling This Week)

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