Fight over Newspapers!!

I just got a kick out of reading this article from the Telegraph, obviously not from the racial remarks, but from the reason why they were said.
\"Robert Birchall, 69, believed that Mungai Mbaya, 60, had broken an unwritten rule in Cambridge Central Library by having two newspapers at once. He ended up having a tug-of-war over the International Herald Tribune with Kenyan-born Mr Mbaya, a Labour councillor, a former magistrate and a British citizen.\"

\"Mr Birchall, a retired lecturer, claimed that he had merely been rebuking Mr Mbaya. He was fined £100 for the public order offence of using racially threatening or abusive words. He said afterwards: \"It\'s political correctness gone mad. I\'m not a racist and I wasn\'t being racist. I was brought up with people from mixed races and have been around them all my life.\"
Mr Mbaya told Cambridge magistrates that he was about to return a copy of the Cambridge Evening News to the rack and begin reading the Tribune when Mr Birchall came up looking for a copy of it. He said: \"He suddenly grabbed the International Herald Tribune which I resisted. I then said I wanted to read the International Herald Tribune.

\"I was very angry at this point and he still insisted on taking it. The paper would have been torn up so I let him have it. He then said, \'Behave yourself and go back to your country where you will behave.\' I am a UK citizen. I don\'t have to go back to another country.\"

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