Guide Dog Causes Stress in Library

The Toledo Blade has this article about a guide dog that apparently caused some problems in a library for doing what he was trained to do.
\"Mr. Loesser, 36, said he went to the library recently to check out several books on tape when a girl started to pet Thunder. Mr. Loesser said he asked the girl to stop because the German shepherd was on duty.

Shortly afterward, Mr. Loesser said a librarian approached him and told him no dogs are allowed in the library. The librarian then allegedly grabbed his elbow, causing Thunder to bark, Mr. Loesser said.\"

\"Library officials said they didn\'t ask Ray Loesser to leave, but told him he needed to have his guide dog, Thunder, under control - or take him outside - because they said the animal lunged at patrons and employees.\"

\"He was never asked to leave at any time throughout this whole incident. We want to make it clear that we never discriminate,\" Pat Hillmer, director of the Tiffin-Seneca Public Library, said yesterday. \"But we want our patrons to be safe.\"

He later left the library, after telling employees that his ADA rights had been violated. Library employees then called police to report a possible vicious dog, because they said the animal lunged at them several times inside the building\".

Ms. Hillmer said none of her employees ever touched Mr. Loesser. Instead, she said one librarian became startled, and even a bit scared, after the dog jumped at her.\"

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