Employees Cash In On KM

Internet Week has a rather Interesting Story on how companies are assigning specific dollar values to intellectual contributions with hard cash or some other type of reward.

\"\"If the knowledge author makes money off these sales wins, they don\'t feel cheated,\" says Aldrich. \"And knowledge commerce is almost the only way to do that. It is hard in any other scenario to make people give up their proprietary knowledge.\"

Companies see that the act of hanging a measure of value on certain knowledge contributions communicates a more powerful message to workers. The work at today\'s e-businesses is fundamentally knowledge-based. And if the intellectual contribution helps drive the business, smart companies are expanding the reputations and bank accounts of conscientious employees.

\"We\'re talking about a very nonintuitive source of additional revenue as a direct result of your contribution to your company\'s intellectual assets,\" says Clark Aldrich, research director at Gartner Group, a consultancy. \"Knowledge commerce is still pretty weird, but will surpass the referral strategy in terms of the percentage of companies using it successfully.\" While definitive market studies illustrating execution of knowledge commerce strategies are hard to come by, Aldrich estimates roughly 15 percent of Gartner\'s client base has a program in place.

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