Librarian/Media Generalist gets kids to read

Fosters Online has this article about how a school librarian gets kids to read books. Another issue that is brought up is her title change.
\"When Diana Greenleaf started her job at the New Durham School 15 years ago, she was known as a librarian and was responsible for scheduling classes to use the library.

Today she’s known as a \"media generalist\" and is involved in everything from helping teachers design curriculum, teaching research skills, having story time and challenging students to read books.\"
\"She’s well-known and well-liked by the staff and students at New Durham School, designing programs such as \"literary lunch\" during which students can eat their lunch in the library while listening to a story.

This year she has challenged the students to read 2,000 books. Each student who reads a book adds a link to the giant paper chain that lines the school’s hallway. If they reach 2,000, everyone will get an ice cream sundae. They’re already at 1,800.\"

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