City - University To Share New Library

Topic: has a cool Report on a new library in San Jose. The new library, a partnership between the city and San Jose State University, will be the first in the United States to combine the collections of a major city and university, opening all of the materials to the public.

``I am just exhilarated by the innovation and the planning process,\'\' said State Librarian Kevin Starr. ``They are linking the very first of the state universities to the wonderfully reassembled urban core of San Jose. They are showing the rest of the state how to do it.\'\'
The new joint library, designed with an airy blend of traditional and modern elements, will rise eight stories above the edge of San Jose State\'s downtown campus. One of the building\'s two entrances will open onto the campus core; the other will face the city\'s downtown.

The design is symbolic of a desire to erase the boundaries between town and gown and to enliven downtown with foot traffic from the university\'s 27,000 students. The new building will replace the university\'s John T. Wahlquist Library, a bleakly featureless structure that, since 1961, has pointedly turned its doorless backside to downtown, while the city\'s Martin Luther King Jr. Main Library will likely be converted into offices.

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