Books will become objects of nostalgia.

A Story from The Washington
brings us yet another call for the death of the
printed word.

\"As more and more authors stop writing for the
physical book--paper leaves bound with cardboard
covers--and begin writing for electronic reading
screens, the kinds of histories and biographies and
novels and poems and scripts and plays they produce
are changing forever.\"And as more and more readers stop reading books
that are presented in static, from-on-high, \"Moby-Dick\"
fashion, more and more stories are becoming
collective enterprises. Collaborations among writers
and photographers and designers and code writers
flourish, much like Hollywood. With an added,
heretofore impossible element: you.

Your life will be the \"book.\" Your poem will be the poem.
Your recipes will be the cookbook. Your tips will be the
travel guide. Your story will be the story. The readers
will become the writers, in collaboration with the author
(or authors).

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