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Oghma writes \"
It now appears that only the circulating part of the Florida State Library\'s collection is being moved.

Here\'s The Full Story \"

Also, Kathleen de la Pena
McCook sent over Two Posts from the Florida Library
Association list, one from from Former State Librarian, Barratt Wilkins and one from current, Judith Ring.
Mr. Wilkins is clarifying statements by Ms. Ring.
Click below to read them.

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 From: Barratt Wilkins
FLA list

Re:  State Librarian\'s Statement of February 18, 2003 to library
community and certain journalists.

Ms. Ring quoted an October 2001 message to DLIS senior managers in
which I said \"there are two essential services in the Division--the
State Archives and the Florida Collection. Everything else is on the
table.\"   This was quoted in an apparent justification for
the new state library administrative agency closing and dispersing the
State Library\'s General Collection to other libraries.

When I wrote that statement in an internal memo to senior management
staff of the Division, I had just been asked by the Department\'s OPB
budget specialist to be prepared to offer an alternative budget
reduction to the one the Department had already provided of $3.7
million in State Aid
during a special budget reduction session of the 2001 Legislature. It
had nothing to do with the current situation of closing and dispersing
the State Library to other libraries.   The internal memo was
written on October 15,2001,.
I was asking the senior management staff to think of budget reductions
by paring or cutting a service of the Division EVEN THOUGH IT WAS
NEEDED [by the constituencies DLIS served].  Like many agencies
DLIS went through numerous budget exercises and, in the end, none of
the reductions
were so large that an entire service had to be cut or pared.
For the record, Office of Program Policy Analysis and Governmental
Accountability Report 99-05 indicated that that the Division of Library
and Information Services has seven service programs, two essential and
five of valuable public benefit:     State
Archives  -essential
Florida Collection -essential
Grants Administration -aluable public
benefit Consultation Services -valuable
public benefit State Library -valuable
public benefit Network Services -
valuable public benefit Records
Management - valuable public benefit

It is interesting that in the February 12, 2003 Statement from the
State Librarian, there was enthusiastic endorsement and justification
to move the State Archives and Florida history collections into DEP and
State Parks and Recreation where it \"makes sense\" to be placed so that
innovative ways of maintaining the collections could be
explored.    Now it
appears that because of public outcry and pressure on the Governor and
the Department of State,  it no longer \"makes sense.\" Maybe with
more pressure and outcry it will not make sense to  close and
disperse the State ibrary\'s \"General
Barratt Wilkins
(Mr. Wilkins is former state librarian...he is responding to the
following message from the new state librarian.)

Here are links to some of today\'s media coverage of issues
pertaining to the Division of Library and Information

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 Please be aware that these articles contain misinformation or
dated information. Here are the facts:

 As you know from previous e-mail messages, the services
 provided by the Bureau of Library Development, the Florida Library
Information Network, and the Florida Electronic Library will
be maintained and/or expanded.

 The State Archives, including the Florida Collection, and
 the Florida State Documents Depository Program, which together
contain the published and unpublished documentary history of
Florida, will be administered by the new state library
administrative agency.

 These collections will continue to be housed in the R.A.
 Gray Building.

 The 40 staff members who will be assigned to the new state
 library administrative agency will be located in the R.A. Gray
Building. They will report to the State Librarian, who will
report to the Secretary of State and Community Partnerships.

 No agreement about the circulating collection has been

 Today, Mr. Wilkins, the former State Librarian, issued a
 statement regarding the worth of the circulating collection. We
this general collection has value, and our mission is that
the collection should be placed where it will be used. We
also agree with the former State Librarian when he e-mailed
staff during the October 2001 Special Session that \"...there
are two essential services in the Division -- the State
Archives and the Florida Collection.  Everything else is on
the table.\" This is reflected in the agreement that the
State Archives, Florida Collection, and the Florida State
Documents Depository Program should continue to be managed
by the state library administrative agency, while the
general circulating collection, which is duplicated in many
public libraries, should be relocated to a library or
libraries where it will be more accessible and better

 In the future, either the Secretary of State or I will
 provide you with information similar to that which is contained
in this
e-mail. These will be posted and archived on the Department
of State website at <a
I believe
that communication of relevant and accurate information is
indispensable to the development of our new agency. If you
have any questions or comments, I invite you to share them
with me directly.

 Thank you for your continued attention to this matter.


Judith A. Ring
Division Director
Florida Department of State
Division of Library and Information Services
(850) 245-6600
(850) 488-2746


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