Five more librarians file complaints over Internet porn issue

The Startribune has a short update on the continuing trouble in Minneapolis.

Five more librarians filed discrimination complaints against the Minneapolis Public Library System Monday, even though their attorney admitted conditions at the downtown Central Library have improved since a policy was drafted limiting access to pornography on the Internet.

The latest complaints filed with the federal Equal Employment Opportunity Commission were drafted shortly after seven other librarians filed complaints earlier this month, charging the library with being a \"hostile, offensive, palpably unlawful working environment.\"

Downtown library staff has said its working atmosphere has improved since the library implemented time limits and sign-up rules for Internet use, but \"many believe the situation is still very serious,\" said Bob Halagan, the Minnetonka-based attorney representing the librarians.

The library will sponsor a community forum, \"Internet Access at Public Libraries,\" today from noon to 1 p.m. in the Heritage Hall Auditorium.

Panelists will include David Walsh of the National on Media and the Family; Laura Waterman Wittstock of Migizi Communications; Kim Edson of the Minnesota Library Association, and Internet strategist R. T. Rybak.

-- Paul Levy

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