Libraries and Movies

Steve Fesenmaier writes \"At the spring conference for librarians held each year in Flatwoods, \"Spring Fling,\" I will be presenting my most intense two hours ever. First WV filmmaker and BJ Gudmundsson will be talking about how public libraries can help local filmmakers make local history films. They have made two so far and are starting a third. Next, Jean Battlo, McDowell County author, playwright, and filmmaker will present \"Smilin Sid,\" discuss her new history of the county, and maybe show some of her 18-hour doc on the floods of 2001. Third, Mari-Lynn Evans, Braxton County native, will talk about her almost $2 million history of Appalachia that will air on PBS next fall. Finally, I will be premiering a new doc on \"The Library in Crisis,\" a new film by Canadian filmmaker Julian Samuel. ( I have been working with Samuel on pt.2 of this film, exploring the international and American angles on the crisis. The first mainly covers Canadian realities.) Also coming as a late addition is Bryson Vannostrand, the Buckhannon architect who has opened WV\'s first micro-cinema, the Lascaux Micro-Theater. If you want to come to the event, contact me at: 1-800-642-9021 X 2015 or e-mail me. I really believe that there is no reason why every county in the world cannot work with local filmmakers and create their own local history film projects.
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