Pros and Cons of Filtering


The Pros and Cons of filtering in public libraries are debated here in this opinion piece from the Duluth News.
Pro filtering: \"A library is not a public forum open to all forms of expression. There is no constitutional requirement for government to provide access to illegal pornography such as obscenity and child pornography in libraries simply because it provides Internet access.\"
Anti Filtering: \"Yet there are powerful reasons filtering Internet access would be unwise, if not downright unconstitutional. A major problem with filtering Internet access is that current technology is too crude to target only material that might harm children -- for example, obscenity and child pornography.\"
Pro:\"Even porn industry lobbyist Mike Ross said, ``Breasts belong in the library, but they belong in the health section. I\'m not going to stand up in front of a committee and say I want porn in libraries. These guys would not even talk to me if I was stupid enough to say porn belongs in libraries.\'\' Apparently, it\'s not too stupid for the ALA.\"
Anti:\"filtering library terminals worsens the ``digital divide.\'\' Wealthier families, who increasingly have their own Internet links at home, would be unaffected by such barriers. Those who stand to suffer from restricted access in libraries are those for whom the library may be the only viable means of accessing the intellectual and cultural wealth that the Internet provides.\"

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